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Safety Documents

We provide an extensive range of safety documents that are easy to access, purchase, prepare and use - and they are fully backed by email and phone support. 

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 Scroll down to see FULL listings of both safety document collections. 

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Use this page to:

  • Quickly access safety document resources.
  • Identify which system/standard your safety documents need to comply with.
  • Understand the WHS AS/NZS 4801 and OH&S ISO 45001 systems. 
  • View complete and filtered safety document lists, and
  • Access other helpful links to explore our documents and WHS/OH&S resources.

Whether you are assembling a safety management system by purchasing individual items or adding to some other prepackage system, you're in the right place. You'll find a complete listing of our documents below, filtered OH&S or WHS selections to access more popular purchases, and explanations. 

How to Quickly Locate Your Safety Document

Please note that all of our WHS and OH&S documents are listed below, in both a ‘Most Purchased’ list and a complete list. 

A suggested method is:

  1. Know what standard you are looking under (more on this below),
  2. For that standard, check the 'Most Frequently Purchased' list.
  3. (Then, if necessary) check the complete list. 
  4. Tip: Use your search shortcut if you know the right words or terms. Type CTRL+F (Windows) or Command+F (Mac) and use the command box. It will appear in the top left in Explorer, bottom left in Firefox, and top right in Chrome and Safari). 

If still unsure, give us a ring on 1800 304 336. We’re here to help. 

Almost without exception, you will also find these documents included within the larger safety management system packages.  

If You Already Know Your Safety Document Standard 

If you already know what standard applies, choose the appropriate icon.

If you’re not sure, continue for more explanations, or give us a call. 


Safety Documents

OH&S Documents

Safety Documents

WHS Documents



Making Sense of WHS Versus OH&S Safety Documents

We comprehensively supply your needs for the older (but still available) WHS AS/NZS 4801:2001 standard and the newer OH&S AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 standard. The newer OH&S standard is conditional or optional, depending on your situation (more on that below), but here's what you need to know.

What’s the AS/NZS 4801 versus ISO 45001 Difference?

We conveniently divide our safety document resources according to the standard you are working under. The two systems in use across Australia are:

  • The Work Health and Safety Management System (WHS), which complies with the AS/NZS 4801:2001 standard, and
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHS, or OH&S) complies with the newer AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018. 

For ease of reference, we often use the shorter labels:

  • “AS 4801” or “WHS system”, and
  • “ISO 45001” or “OH&S system”. 

Learn More About the Standards

You can learn more about the changes and differences by viewing the System Comparison Chart we have prepared. You can also read our four October 2022 through January 2023 articles that addressed the differences and obligations. 

These articles include:

  1. Understanding ISO 45001 and How WHS Procedures Will Change
  2. Those ISO 45001 Headlights are Approaching
  3. Should you Review Your Safety Management System During This ‘Quiet’ January?
  4. Here's two ISO 45001 Sure-Thing Must-Haves

About the Blog

When we find valuable information for you, the blog is where we place it. You probably already know if you're already subscribed or are an existing customer. We send emails when it is helpful. We don't email just for the sake of it.

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Benefits our Safety Documents Provide

All our safety documents are:

  • Thoroughly and rigorously pre-prepared. You only add the variables.
  • Across-Enterprise licensed for reproduction at multiple locations.
  • Customisable to unlimited projects, suppliers and tenders.
  • Fully compliant with the relevant Australian adopted standards,
  • Pay-once resources. There are no ongoing fees.
  • Business brandable: Add your logo and more.
  • Supported by discounts when updates occur.
  • Backed by proven telephone support.
  • Downloadable immediately.
  • Editable via Microsoft Word.
  • Supported by 'how to' documentation.

Searching the Lists

To help you quickly find the safety documents you need, we have assembled four lists: 

  • OH&S / ISO 45001 Most Frequently Purchased
  • OH&S / ISO 45001 Complete List
  • WHS / AS/NZS 4801 Most Frequently Purchased
  • WHS / AS/NZS 4801 Complete List

OH&S / ISO 45001  |  Most Frequently Purchased Safety Documents

These are our ten most invested OH&S safety document resources, followed by a complete listing. Follow the link to learn more.

  1. Company OH&S Policy
  2. Context of the Organisation
  3. Document Management Process
  4. Site Register.- Safety Induction
  5. Operation Change Management Process
  6. Emergency Procedures
  7. OH&S Objectives and Targets Register
  8. 5 WHY Analysis Form
  9. Incident and Injury Report Form
  10. Complaint and Feedback Form

OH&S / ISO 45001  |  All the OH&S Safety Documents 

This is our current and complete collection of OH&S safety documents, organised alphabetically:

A - D  |  Context, Document Control, Drug and Alcohol and More


E - H  |  Electrical, Emergencies and Fire, Hazard Management and More


I - K  |  Continuous improvement, Incidents, Injuries, ISO 45001 Audits and More


L - M  |  Leadership, Legals, Management, Manual Handling and More


I - K  |  Noise, Non-Conformance, OH&S Meetings, Operations and More


P  |  Performance, Plant, Policy, PPE and More


R  |  RCD, Risk, Roles and Responsibilities and More


S  |  SDS, Site Checks, Stress, Subcontractors, SWMS and More


T  |  Toolbox Talks, Tool Registers, Training and More


V - W  |  Vehicles, Waste, Workplace Violence and More


WHS / AS/NZS 4801  |  Most Frequently Purchased Safety Documents

These are our ten most invested WHS safety document resources:

  1. Company WHS Policy
  2. Emergency Procedures Flip Chart
  3. Risk Assessment Worksheet
  4. Toolbox or Pre-Start Talks Form
  5. Site Safety Induction Register
  6. Hazard Report
  7. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Register
  8. Emergency Procedures
  9. Subcontractor Management Policy
  10. Plant and Equipment Hazard Checklist


WHS / AS/NZS 4801  |  All the WHS Safety Documents 

This is our current and complete collection of WHS safety documents, organised alphabetically:

A - C  |  Alcohol Service, Asbestos, COVID and More.


D - E |  Discipline, Documents, Drug, Emergencies and More.


F - H |  Fatigue, Fire, First Aid, Hazards and More.


I - N |  Incidents, Injuries, Key Roles, Manual Handling, Noise and More.


O - R |  Organisation, Plant, PPE, Risk and More.


S  |  Shift Work, Stress, Subbies, SWMS and More.


T   |  Toolbox Talks, Training and More.


U - Z   |  Vehicles, Waste, WHS Checklists and More.


What Now? 

If you're still deciding, let us offer you a quick reminder. 

We're confident this is your ideal safety document solution! We set the pace because we stay in our lane and remain industry-informed. But that said, we value your on-site and real-life feedback. If you ever think we've missed something or you have a unique need, please call. If you have a thought, please also make that call.

You can dial 1800 304 336 to ask a question, or you can email us outside of business hours, and we'll get back to you. Either way, we value your custom and your feedback, and we thrive on wrestling with the challenges you face.