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Here's two ISO 45001 Sure-Thing Must-Haves

Here's two ISO 45001 Sure-Thing Must-Haves

Change may not be a four-letter word, but changing to ISO 45001 could produce one - IF you try and do it on your own. It's not an easy system to appreciate, implement or manage, so for those who NEED TO make the ISO change, for those who WANT TO move to this arguably better system, and for those who are THINKING ABOUT IT, we introduce an $88 no-lose, sure-thing and must-have resource. Today, we present the ISO 45001 OH&S Management System, Implementation and Management Guide.  

We've been devoting recent articles to the AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 changes. Note that for ease of reading, we also refer to it by the shorter moniker of' ISO 45001'.

This month, we'll empower you with an intro to the ISO 45001 Implementation and Management Guide by providing:

  1. A quick reality check.
  2. Sure-thing must-have #1: An ISO state of mind.
  3. Sure-thing must-have #2: The guide and its contents explained
  4. A review of some ISO headlines. 
  5. Consideration of ISO 45001 as a business decision.

A Quick ISO 45001 Reality Check 

This journey might seem threatening or even overwhelming if you lack experience with WHS / OH&S management systems, construction industry specifics, or system design and implementation skills. Sorry about that - but that's what complexity brings. Like graduating from a scooter to a motorbike, or a tinny to a jet boat, there will be a learning curve. But we've done what we can for you; we wrote the guide!

The price of this helpful guide is just $88 ($80 plus GST) if purchased separately. You'll also find it included in the system if you buy the OH&S Management System

Sure-Thing Must-Have #1: An ISO 45001 State of Mind

Billy Joel wrote a timeless classic in 1976. "New York State of Mind" spoke to the reality that enjoying and thriving in certain places require a mindset and mentality. I'll provide a link at the end so you can check it out (I love Billy's earlier stuff), but I invite you to consider this as an essential goal: You must learn the ISO 45001 state of mind!

We don't want to overdo this point, but it is important. If you think 'scooter' when riding a motorbike, or 'tinny' when driving a jet boat, you're an accident waiting to happen. 

Socrates (who was reportedly pretty clever and a good teacher) said, "I cannot teach anything; I can only make people think." That's a good quote to remember because that's a worthy goal if you're a construction industry leader. When we were in school, good Mathematics teachers taught us to think mathematically, and good Science teachers taught us to think scientifically. The rest just threw information at us. In the same way, leading well in OH&S requires you to be a thought leader. Therefore, our guides and resources support that outcome. 

We want you to acquire an ISO state of mind. Then, and only then, will you be able to:

  1. Implement the ISO system.
  2. Manage the system.
  3. Profit from its advantages and improvements. 
  4. Develop the new thinking it requires, and 
  5. Lead your workers in the same mindset and method adjustments. 

Sure-Thing Must-Have #2: The Guide

Within the guidebook's 29 pages, you will find:

  • An explanation of conventions and definitions.
  • Workplace safety and the benefits of an OH&S Management System.
  • Options for system customisation.
  • Factoring in your organisational context.
  • Engaging worker participation through leadership.
  • Planning, support and operational processes.
  • Conducting a performance evaluation.
  • Implementing continuous improvement principles.
  • How to access support and feedback.

Some of these are more complicated than others. For example, the topic of 'Customisation' has two concise paragraphs. In contrast, 'Planning' is a lengthier exploration of risk assessment and management, legal and ancillary requirements, and how to identify and achieve specific OH&S objectives.  

The guide also includes icons to help you quickly access essential facts, and know how system contents relate to each other. 

This guide makes your life easier.

Some ISO 45001 Headlines that are Worth Remembering 

We know that:

  • The ISO 45001 standard is coming to every jurisdiction (including W.A. and Victoria), 
  • Those who were AS/NZS 4801:2001 certified must transition by 13 July 2023. 
  • Those who are not certified, and not seeking certification, can keep using the AS/NZS 4801 Australian Standard. It is classed as 'Available Superseded', but this is unlikely to continue forever. This will be updated by Standards Australia sometime in the future, unfortunately there is no certainty when this may happen.

In other words, this change is coming for you soon, OR it is likely coming for you later. Dare I say it? Like underwear, we can only resist some changes for so long. :)

The design of ISO 45001 uses "Annex SL" processes and structure. This means it integrates with many other ISO management system standards and implements the PDCA Continuous Improvement Cycle (plan, do, check, act - then repeat).

It's a good change - if you know how or if you have help. 

ISO 45001 as a Business Decision 

The business decision bottom line is this: ISO 45001 is arguably a better system and ultimately more profitable in the end. Also, it's more than likely where we are ALL going to be dragged in the coming years (though there are no guarantees). So whether you must move, want to move, or are simply considering moving, a great way to make a start is to secure this resource

Ultimately, the ISO 45001 pathway has two forks to choose between. Both are strategic and advantageous in their own way:

Pathway One: Purchase and read the Implementation and Management Guide. This will:

  • Provide you with efficient professional development on where OH&S is heading. 
  • Empower you with a time-efficient way to introduce other staff leaders to the system, and
  • Give you a little 'try before you buy' confidence, and 
  • Help you make a more informed decision. 

Pathway Two: If you know you're ready, buy the complete and comprehensive system. You will, of course, receive both the guidance resource as well as our usual and exemplary telephone and email support. 

Also, please note: if you buy the guide and later come back and buy the entire system, we will refund that initial $88 (Inc) from your system purchase price. This is one more reason we say this ISO 45001 OH&S Management System - Implementation and Management Guide is a sure-thing and a must-have guide.

In Closing

Those four letter 'change' words may come, but our guide will undoubtedly help you reduce them.

Since I've quoted Socrates, I might also quote Friedman. He said, "Pessimists are usually right, and optimists are usually wrong, but all the great changes have been accomplished by optimists." We encourage you to embrace optimism during your journey. 

(And here's the link I promised to Billy's "New York State of Mind"; I love it - but I'm old school.)

If you have questions, want guidance on a purchase, or want to gain a feel for who we are, please call 1800 304 336. We help businesses like yours and people like you. We help you effectively manage change, reduce errors, win tenders, increase productivity, avoid prosecution and fines, and most importantly, reduce incidents, injuries and deaths. We do a good thing, and we're here for you!

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