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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The team at Occupational Safety Solutions is dedicated to assisting our customers and we try to provide as much information on our website as we can to assist in your decision making process. Listed below are some responses to frequently asked questions however please contact us if you have any specific questions or if we can assist you.


Q - How do I add the Coupon Code to obtain the Special Offer discount?

A - To obtain the Monthly Special Offer discount, go to the Checkout and enter the Code in the area saying "Discount" on the right hand side of the webpage, then click "Apply" so the reduced price can be calculated before payment.


Q - How do I download my purchased products?

A - You will receive an email with a link to download your purchased products immediately after payment has been processed. You will also receive a Tax Invoice from us via email noting payment has been made in full.


Q - How do I add my Company Name and logo onto my templates?

A - Adding your Company Name, logo and business details is a simple task if you have basic Microsoft (MS) Word skills however a lot of our customers aren't using computers each day and modifying documents can be a frustrating and time consuming challenge. Please click on the link below to view a simple step-by-step procedure to guide you through this process and have your templates ready in minutes!

Click here to view the OSS Template Branding Procedure

Alternatively we can provide a competitive quote to add your company details for you if you are short on time! 


Q - Can I see an example of a SWMS or other templates within your Systems before purchase?

A - Yes we are always happy to provide examples of our products in PDF format upon request. Please let us know what you are interested in purchasing and we will do what we can to assist. If you wish to view our SWMS Template structure and presentation please click on the link below.

Click here to view our SWMS Template Example


Q - What do I need to add to make my purchased SWMS template "Site Specific"?

A - Occupational Safety Solutions provides SWMS templates with "generic" or "typical" work steps, hazards and safety controls included. Firstly you will need to read and review the content to make sure it is relevant to your specific business and/or project requirements. Then you will need to add information relevant to each worksite or workplace. Please click on the link below to view a step by step procedure showing which information needs to be added by you in order for your SWMS to be "Site Specific".

Click here to view a Procedure for making your SWMS Template Site Specific

Click here to view a completed Example Site Specific SWMS Template


Q - Can I modify the purchased products?

A - Yes. All of our products are provided in fully editable MS Word format (or MS Powerpoint and MS Excel on noted products). You can modify the contents of each template where required to suit your specific business needs and those of your clients. We have tried to take care of the OHS / WHS compliance for most typical businesses however you may benefit from modifying the contents to suit your specific needs in non-typical situations.


Q - Are there any subscriptions or ongoing fees associated with purchased products?

A - No. You buy the rights to use purchased templates and systems within your business. This is a one off expense.


Q - Do you have a refund policy?

A - Yes we do have a refund policy. Due to the nature of our products and the fact that they cannot be returned without trace we are unable to provide refunds. We are happy to provide as much information as you require to assist in the decision making process and we will work with you to advise the best solution for your business. We also provide free after sales phone support to assist you meet any specific client and business needs. 


Please Contact Us on 1800 304 336 during business hours or anytime via email if you have any other questions or if we can assist you and your business.