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Roles and Responsibilities Register

Roles and Responsibilities Register

  • $2700  +GST

It is important for all workers to know what roles and responsibilities are the terms of their employment and how this fits within the organisation. Having set roles and responsibilities for all workers makes assessing their work performance easier. It also allows other workers to know who to report to in certain circumstances.

This 7 page Roles and Responsibilities Register provides suggested roles and responsibilities, and what is required. Simply include the name of the worker responsible for the role and record any additional action that may be required and sign off when this is complete.

The Roles and Responsibilities Register template is included in our WHS Management System or can be purchased individually and used as a stand alone document.

Roles and Responsibilities Register features:

  • User friendly
  • Instant download
  • Fully editable MS Word format
  • Add your logo and ready to use in your business today!

Two additional documents have been created to support the Roles and Responsibilities Register:

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