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I have been dealing with Occupational Safety Solutions for many years now. During this time they have assisted my cleaning company with SWMS & other relevant documentation needed across the business. 

Being a small business with limited knowledge in this complex field, I believe having Andrew and his team to assist and guide me and my company through what can at times be very stressful, has been a great investment.

Andrew and OSS over the years have been nothing short of amazing. Their professionalism and knowledge have helped me set up my company with the correct documents and management systems to enable my company to fulfil contractual and statutory obligations where necessary.

I would not hesitate in recommending Occupational Safety Solutions to any potential clients looking for this type of business solution. Thanks again Andrew!

Ryan Maxwell

Rymax Cleaning Services Pty Ltd

Once again the documents provided by Occupational Safety Solutions are spot on and have gotten us over the line!

Since integrating your systems & forms into the daily operations of our business, we have won contracts and been approved on many preferred suppliers lists, securing works we would not have had the opportunity to apply for otherwise – so a huge thank you from us, we wouldn’t be where we are today without your products and support!!!

Andrew and Candice Cronau

Karminda Pty Ltd

t/a Grazing Pines - Rural Contracting

t/a Pro-Arc Mobile Welding

Occupational Safety Solutions have taken all of the hard work out of WHS Management System documentation. The knowledge and support of the staff is amazing and the templates are so user friendly, they have made completing this paperwork stress-less!

We are honestly so impressed by the coverage and depth that each document goes into. The "how to roll it out" document has been so helpful in making this daunting task seem achievable. We couldn't be happier!

Thank you to Andrew and team for all of your support, highly recommended!

Prue and Tom Plummer
Plumm Landscapes Pty Ltd

Being a smaller company we required an easy to implement safety system which would fit our individual needs. My “day job” is risk & workplace safety officer with a large company. I am keenly aware of the requirements for Safety Management Systems but do not have the time to develop this myself.

After researching various providers and packages, I can highly recommend the systems provided by OSS. The package we chose has been easily incorporated into our current systems and the information and forms supplied are practical and easy for our staff to use on site.

The service provided by Andrew and the team at OSS is professional and efficient. Thank you for a great product :)

Suzann Read - Manager Accounts

Penderbrae Pty Ltd

Thanks so much for all of your help throughout this process Andrew! You've been amazing as have your systems! :) Will definitely be recommending Occupational Safety Solutions to anyone who asks!"

Chloe Rice

Border Civil Pty Ltd

Rees Construction Group has purchased SWMS templates from Occupational Safety Solutions on numerous occasions. I have always found them to be very friendly and helpful whilst demonstrating an understanding of our needs.

I have no hesitation in recommending Occupational Safety Solutions to others. The SWMS templates we purchased were professionally written, cost effective, easy to use in our business and provide the compliance we require.

Amanda Black - Administration Manager

Rees Construction Group

I contacted Occupational Safety Solutions when I was searching online for compliant Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for my Communications business. I have had experiences with other safety companies in the past and I can say that dealing with Andrew and Occupational Safety Solutions is the first good experience I've had!! Their customer service is friendly and professional, the Audio Visual SWMS's we purchased were easy to implement and use in our business and provided the compliance we needed.

We will be looking to expand on our WHS System and SWMS's over time as I've been very happy with the outcome and would recommend Occupational Safety Solutions to other businesses looking for SWMS's.

Tony Gibson - Director
CG Communications (QLD)

RNL Constructions decided to purchase a Construction WHS Management System from Occupational Safety Solutions to help grow our business. The boys at Occupational Safety Solutions were straight to the point and made this process very easy for us. The templates were easy to use and simple to alter to suit our business needs. As a result of the professional package we received from Occupational Safety Solutions we were able to secure a large tender within our line of work.

We recommend Occupational Safety Solutions to anyone, not only for their quality products but also for the customer service you receive as we have received from the director Andrew. This process was cost effective and well worth the money. Cheers guys!

Roman Purnell - Director
RNL Constructions

SEC Group recently purchased Electrical Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) templates online from Occupational Safety Solutions. We found their website easy to navigate and the ability to download instantly meant we were able to use the SWMS’s straight away.

A generic SWMS we purchased from Occupational Safety Solutions was recently reviewed by a large contractor we perform work for. We needed to make the generic SWMS site specific and contacted Andrew and Matt for assistance. We received a quick response and they were able to provide free phone support to help us comply with our client’s specific requirements. Andrew and Matt demonstrated an understanding of our needs, were professional and courteous with their advice and helped us to achieve a suitable solution.

Occupational Safety Solutions offer easy to use, compliant and affordable SWMS templates for businesses like SEC Group and back it up with great customer service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Occupational Safety Solutions to other businesses with similar needs.

Jennifer Khoury - Assistant Project Manager

Sydney Electrical Communications (SEC) Group

I had planned to set up my own system but never seemed to get around to doing it. I also procrastinated for some time about purchasing an WHS system and as our company grew and the number of employees increased we realised it was becoming more and more important to have our WHS procedures in place. The cost seemed less important than getting a system in place. I now can sleep at night without worrying about the burden of creating all the documents myself.

Occupational Safety Solutions were so easy to deal with. The thorough documentation, especially the ready made Safe Work Method Statements have saved me so much time. The system is easy to edit and the ability to create multiple copies of documents for all of our vehicles is great. I now have peace of mind knowing we are compliant. I would not hesitate to recommend Occupational Safety Solutions and their products to other landscapers.

Michelle Nicholson - Administration Manager

Gumnut Landscapes

Andrew from Occupational Safety Solutions has assisted with Safe Work Method Statements on my cleaning/restoration projects over the past few years. Like most small businessmen I am not trained in this complex but necessary paperwork. Finding Andrew was a godsend which saved me late nights before a major project wading through stressful paperwork which reminded me of sitting the HSC.

Occupational Safety Solutions' SWMS have always been professionally prepared on short notice and at very reasonable cost. They make us look professional as the clients think we prepared them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your products and services and invite any potential clients to contact me for more information about my experiences dealing with Andrew and Occupational Safety Solutions.

Bruce Goddard - Proprietor

Adept Restoration Services

0412 267 988

I was very impressed with the SWMS template I purchased from Occupational Safety Solutions. It was easy to customise to my company’s requirements, met all the necessary WHS requirements and is proving simple for staff to use for their site work. Compared to developing a SWMS from scratch, purchasing the OSS template has saved me time and money.

Alexandra Stone - WHS Manager

Haskoning Australia

Premier Hospitality use and recommend Occupational Safety Solutions Safe Work Method Statements as they cover all the WHS requirements and are very easy to use. Andrew has always been happy to provide advice and assist by customising SWMS to the very specific needs of our business.

The customer service and products supplied by Occupational Safety Solutions are first class. As a supervisor responsible for safety, I want the peace of mind knowing that our WHS documents are compliant with WHS regulations and that they ensure the safety of others on worksites I manage. Purchasing SWMS templates from Occupational Safety Solutions and customising them to suit our needs is the most cost effective way to ensure WHS compliance on our sites and in our business.

Dion Scott - Supervisor

Premier Hospitality

I purchased our Landscaping Safe Work Method Statement from the Occupational Safety Solutions online store. The content and quality of the SWMS is excellent, it was easily customisable and represented great value for money for our business. I would recommend Occupational Safety Solutions for SWMS’s as they provide a really easy starting point to get small businesses across the line to meet contract requirements.

Derani Ayers - Partner

Green Leaf Landscapes

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→ YOU PAY ONCE - There are no ongoing fees or hidden licensing.

→ YOU CAN GET UNDERWAY NOW - Within minutes of your purchase, you can have ready access and work with fully editable, thoroughly explained, industry-leading resources.

→ YOU BECOME FULLY COMPLIANT - All resources fully comply with safe work australia who develop national WHS (Work Health and Safety) legislation, regulations, codes and standards.

→ WE HAVE YOUR STANDARD - Products are available for the continuing but superseded AS/NZS 4801:2001 and also its replacement AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018. If in doubt, ask us!

→ YOU STAY INFORMED AND REMAIN CURRENT - We keep our clients informed of regulatory changes and relevant safety issues. When resources are updated, these are provided to existing customers either free of charge or at a substantially discounted rate.

→ YOU ENJOY SANITY-PRESERVING PERSONAL SUPPORT - All our clients receive personal ongoing telephone and email support from our skilled Australian team of local industry specialists. There are no card-reading offshore workers or sales staff; we're a team of technicians and specialists. Supporting you is what we do. It is our strength, and it is our pleasure! 


Our solutions are organised to help you quickly find what you need. If you feel like you've wandered off course, or you keep finding solutions that aren't right for you, return home and start again or give us a call. We'll guide you through navigating the options and answers so you make the best decision in a time-efficient and financially astute way. We want you to have a healthy workplace!

You will find the following product groupings:

Would you like to understand these resources better? Let's explore each of them briefly. 


Your Safety Management System is the bone and muscle that enables and fuels the safe work procedures of a healthy working environment, enabling your people to work safely. An effective system will:

  1. Help you reduce incidents and injuries,
  2. Comply with all relevant laws, regulations, standards and codes, 
  3. Add to the competitiveness of your tendering processes, 
  4. Assist your personnel management, and
  5. Expand the quality of your business outcomes and profit margins.

Our systems will guide you to achieve these outcomes. They will empower your people to be deliberate, consistent and effective in implementing and recording safe work tasks and practices. We help you do business with minimum risk. 

Safety management systems are available for both the continuing but superseded AS/NZS 4801:2001 standards as well as its replacement AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 standard.

You can buy the universal templated safety management system, or you can purchase a specialised industry pack. The industry version includes the management system as well as the trade or industry specific SWMS that are appropriate. Both OH&S and WHS options are designed to empower your workplace safety in an industry specific way and ensure a healthy and safe workplace.


Safe Work Method Statements began to replace Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or hazard risk assessment and Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) documents in 2011. Sadly, it took the tragic 2003 death of 16-year-old Joel Exner (an apprentice roofer) - and a loud and persistent furore in the years that followed - to make change happen. Since then, however, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) have become the staple resource of construction industry WHS (Work Health and Safety) or OH&S practices. 

A SWMS resource is required for a range of high-risk construction work tasks or activities, but their use has also been extended into almost every aspect of any safe work procedure - such is their effectiveness and efficiency in supporting workers to identify control measures, control risks and stay safe.

'SWMS' has indeed become a very good four-letter 'word'. 

Our safe work method statements:

  1. Fully comply with WHS (work health and safety) legislation, relevant regulations,codes of practice and standards.
  2. Contain all the information necessary as well as helpful extras.
  3. Are appropriately labelled as required.
  4. Sequence activities logically.
  5. identify hazards and clear risk factors.
  6. Describe control measures.
  7. Describe implementation, monitoring and review actions.
  8. Clarify and communicate what is essential and what is not.
  9. Make it very clear who is responsible.
  10. Do this without overwhelming or distracting the user.
  11. Direct workers to additional data where appropriate.

We've received a lot of positive feedback about our SWMS documents. We're pleased they convey this clear, essential and compelling message: "Be careful! Plan, think and follow these specific steps." 

You'll find all our SWMS resources here, and in the same location, you can filter the resources by industry. We are super happy to help you ensure a safe workplace.


Our industry-specific solutions are package solutions that look after specialists. They include:

  • A WHS or OH&S Management System,
  • Industry-specific safe work method statements, and 
  • Additional safety documents of relevance and value, if applicable.

Assembled using our team's workplace experience, expertise in resourcing a type of safe work procedure, and the immeasurable wisdom that comes from helping thousands of customers identify hazards and solve their challenges over 12 years, these package solutions have proven themselves as wise and economic investments time and again. 

If by chance you have a different need or an unusual situation we have not covered, give us a call, and we'll discuss your options. 

From air conditioning and audio-visual, through concreting and painting, to roofing and welding, we have industry packs for 23 specialisations. If we don't already have you covered, please give us a call and we may be able to create a custom solution with you.

Beyond safety management systemsSWMS resources and industry pack solutions, what remains is a range of additional safety document templates and the more specialised and highly  sought-after management plan templates (used for a specific type of project and site).


You can access safety document templates to supplement another purchase, solve an immediate and specific need, or create a bespoke solution. Unless you're an unusually specialised or small operation, this won't be the most effective way to go - but we've catered for it just in case.  

To use this section effectively, you should know the following:

  • What safe work procedures you want to resource. 
  • What standard you wish to comply with (WHS AS/NZS 4801 or OH&S ISO 45001). 
  • What search terms or labels are likely to be effective (there are a lot of documents).

If you do feel equipped for the task:

  1. Open the WHS AS/NZS 4801 or OH&S ISO 45001 list,
  2. Use the "Sort" function (top right) to view and search the "Best Selling" list.
  3. (If necessary) check the "A-Z" list. 

If still unsure, give us a ring on 1800 304 336. We're here to help. 


Our Management plan templates are designed to enable project and site-specific work safety practices / safe work procedures - AND ensure you meet the due diligence requirements of your local jurisdiction. They also address the specific needs of a range of focus and compliance areas. These include:


Remember Joel Exner, the 16 year old boy who fell from a roof while an apprentice? We mentioned when talking about control measures used in SWMSs. He changed the Work Health and Safety (WHS and OH&S) landscape forever. HE impacted Andrew Watters, our business founder and principle also. Andrew was working on site, close by, on the day that tragedy happened. On that day, work health and safety topics became very, very real, and very, very personal. Everyone deserves to work in a healthy and safe workplace. This can only be acheived by using safe work procedures and ensuring equipment is in good working condition.

With absolute sincerity we tell you a devotion to both individual lives and individual businesses keeps us focused. These necessary foci guide and drive us, and it is why we know two sure truths: all safety resources are not created equal, and our solutions genuinely are exceptional. We assist employers in supporting workers use safe work procedures, control risks and ensuring a safe workplace. Safe Work Practice is foundational!

Our resources are: 

  • Supported by relationship, not a 'see ya' one-time sale event.
  • Compliant across jurisdictions, not single-state focused.
  • Affordably priced, not expensive and exploitive.
  • Well researched, not casually compiled. 
  • Comprehensive, not piecemeal.
  • Systematic, not chaotic. 
  • Flexible, not restrictive.
  • Dynamic, not static.

We hope the information shared is helpful, and we encourage you to make the call so we can walk the journey with you. A Healthy Workplace improves productivity.



Call 1800 304 336 if you have questions, an unusual situation, or want your purchase to go as smoothly, effectively, and efficiently as possible.