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Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

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This Mobile Phone Policy addresses the responsible use, and the dangers of mobile phone use in the workplace. Such as the distraction it can cause while driving or operating equipment. The risks are not only to the operator of the vehicle or equipment, there may also be a risk to others near by.

Unless you clearly state the guidelines for the use of mobile phones in the workplace, you can’t expect your workers to behave in the manner you want. The two page Mobile Phone Policy outlines the rules, and the responsibilities for the safe and responsible use of mobile phones in the workplace.

The Mobile Phone Policy is included in our WHS Management System or can be purchased individually and used as a stand alone document.

Mobile Phone Policy features:

  • User friendly
  • Instant download
  • Fully editable MS Word format
  • Add your logo and ready to use in your business today!

Two additional documents have been created to support the Mobile Phone Policy:

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