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OH&SMS Electrical - Contents


Parts 1-3 of all ISO Standards are Scope, Normative references, Terms and references as defined in AS/NZS ISO 45001.

4. Context of the Organisation

a) General

5. Leadership and Worker Participation

a) General

b) OH&S Policy

c) Organisational Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities

6. Planning

a) General

b) Hazard Identification and Assessment of Risks and Opportunities

c) COVID-19 Risk Management

d) Determination of Legal Requirements and Other Requirements

e) OH&S Objectives and Planning to Achieve Them

7. Support

a) General

b) Resources

c) Competence

d) Awareness

e) Internal Communication

f) External Communication

g) Documented Information - General

h) Documented Information - Creating and Updating

i) Documented Information - Control of Documented Information

    8. Operation

    a) General

    b) Eliminating Hazards and Reducing OH&S Risks

    c) Management of Change

    d) Procurement

    e) Emergency Preparedness and Response

    9. Performance Evaluation

    a) General

    b) Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Performance Evaluation

    c) Internal Audit

    d) Management Review

    10. Improvement

    a) General

    b) Incident and Injury Management Procedures

    c) Incident and Injury Reporting

    d) Incident and Injury Review

    e) Workplace Violence and Bullying

    f) Disciplinary Procedures and Counselling

    g) Non Conformance and Corrective Action

      Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

      Work Process SWMS

      1. Asbestos - Working Around
      2. Audio Visual Cable Installation
      3. Audio Visual Equipment Installation
      4. Boom Lift
      5. Cable Supports Installation
      6. Cable Tray / Ladder Installation
      7. Conduit Installation – Cast in Concrete
      8. Conduit Installation – In Ground
      9. Conduit Installation – Walls and Ceilings
      10. Cordless Power Tools
      11. COVID-19 (Working around others during COVID-19)
      12. Data or Telephone Points Installation
      13. Disconnect Electrical Installation
      14. Driving Vehicles
      15. Earth Moving Equipment
      16. Electrical Mains Installation
      17. Electrical Outlet Cable Installation
      18. Electrical Outlet Installation
      19. Electrical Rack or Cabinet Installation
      20. Electrical Submains Installation
      21. Electrical Work in Ceiling Space
      22. Electricity and Power Tool Safety
      23. Elevated Work Platforms
      24. Energise and Commission Electrical Installation
      25. Equipment Rack Installation
      26. Excavation or Trenching
      27. Excavator
      28. Fibre Optic Cable Installation
      29. Hazardous Substances and Chemical Use
      30. Isolate, Lockout, Tag and Test
      31. Light Fittings Installation
      32. Lighting Looms Installation
      33. Loading and Unloading Vehicles
      34. Manual Handling
      35. PCB Removal
      36. Power and Lighting – Cable Installation
      37. Power Point Installation
      38. Pyrotenax Cable Installation
      39. Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) Dust Control
      40. Scaffold – Fixed
      41. Scaffold – Mobile
      42. SELV Cable Installation
      43. Site Establishment
      44. Speaker Installation - Ceiling Mounted
      45. Speaker Installation - Wall Mounted
      46. Switchboards – Installation
      47. Switchboards – Installation of Connections
      48. Switchboards – New Work in Existing Switchboards
      49. Television (TV) Point Installation
      50. Test and Tag Electrical Tools and Appliances
      51. Test for De-Energised Electrical Conductors
      52. Trunk Cable Installation
      53. Work in Risers
      54. Working at Height
      55. Worksite Hazards

      Tools SWMS

      1. Angle Grinder
      2. Chain Trencher
      3. Circular Saw – Portable
      4. Concrete Saw – Quick Cut
      5. Drop Saw
      6. Electric Drill
      7. Explosive Power Tools
      8. Fuel Powered Tool Safety
      9. Hand Tools
      10. Jack Hammer
      11. Ladders
      12. Soldering Iron