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WHS Management Systems

We provide comprehensive and effective AS/NZS 4801 WHS Safety Management Systems. They are simple to access, purchase, prepare and use - and they are fully backed by email and phone support. 

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→ Read on to learn about WHS AS/NZS 4801 compliant resources.

 Click thru to see OH&S ISO 45001 Safety Management Systems.

 Scroll down to see a list of AS/NZS 4801 resources available

Call 1800 304 336 to access help.

Use this page to:

  • Quickly locate quality WHS Safety Management System resources.
  • Learn about the changing OH&S and WHS standards.
  • Quickly navigate to specialist pages. 
  • Access other helpful links.

How to Quickly Locate a ‘Best-Fit’ System

A suggested three-step method is:

  1. Choose your standard: Do you need to comply with AS/NZS 4801 (WHS) or ISO 45001 (OH&S) standards? 
  2. Decide between package types: Do you want to use a universal or industry pack.
  3. Pick a product, jump in and start the ride

Step 1  |   Choose Your Standard.

You can tell at a glance which standard is in use by whether the name and/or product image shows ‘WHS’ or ‘OH&S’. The safety management systems on this page are for the older Work Health and Safety (WHS) system which are compliant with the older AS/NZS 4801:2001 standard.

Click the link to see the newer Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standard, which complies with AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 .

All our WHS Management System resources are compliant with industry safety standards. If you’d like to learn more about the standards and what it means for you, here’s three pathways to choose between:  

  1. CALL US: The same people who design the solutions handle telephone support. 
  2. RUN A QUICK COMPARISON: Take a look at the System Comparison Chart if you like lists and clear contrast.
  3. LEARN MORE AND READ UP: The summary page for Safety Management Systems provides some great explanations, and there are also (at least) four blog articles discussing the new system and potential impacts on your procedures, schedules, seasonal activities, and Must-Haves.

Yes, we think the new (OH&S) standard is better than the old (WHS) one, but the WHS system is still a good fit for many enterprises once their client base, business realities and circumstances are considered.

If in doubt, we suggest you make the call! None of our people are sales reps, script readers, or arm twisters. 

You can reach us on 1800 304 336

Step 2  |   Decide Between Package Types.

Every business is different, but there are specialisations and industry trends. This means we can provide options. You can shop by:


We take out the hard work by putting whatever you are likely to need in the box. There will always be exceptions, but we’ve been at this for more than a decade so we’ve pretty much got your needs identified. Our WHS Industry Packs include the AS/NZS 4801 WHS Management System AND typical SWMS for that trade or industry. Tailored Industry Packs (incl. SWMS you select) are also available, just let us know the SWMS you need!

Choose your industry or trade to see the WHS Management System package:

UNIVERSAL PACK (not industry specialised)

This WHS Management System package can be applied to any business, but does not include pre-written SWMS templates specific to an industry or trade.

Click here to see the contents.

Follow this link to see the product page and/or purchase.


This WHS Management System Instruction Manual will help you implement and manage your WHS Management System. It’s 32 pages will guide you through the decisions and processes required. 

Follow this link to see the product page and/or purchase. 

Step 3  |   Pick a Package and Jump In.

Once you’ve made your choice you can quickly get started  in a supported way. 

In case you aren’t already aware of why our resources are such a good investment, here’s a short list of features for your consideration. All our resources are:

  • Thoroughly and rigorously pre-prepared. You only add the variables.
  • Across-Enterprise licensed for reproduction at multiple locations.
  • Customisable to unlimited projects, suppliers and tenders.
  • Fully compliant with the relevant Australian adopted standards,
  • Pay-once resources. There are no ongoing fees.
  • Business brandable: Add your logo and more.
  • Supported by discounts when updates occur.
  • Supported by 'how to' documentation.
  • Backed by proven telephone support.
  • Downloadable immediately.
  • Editable via Microsoft Word.

Remember this is an important decision, so don’t be afraid to ask even the most basic of questions. You know your business and we know the safety legislation, regulations and how to make them work for you. Together, we can make it happen.

We value your call, your questions, your custom and your feedback. Dial 1800 304 336 or email us for a rapid response.


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    WHS Industry Pack - Electrical

    This Electrical WHS Management System has been developed to provide business owners with a complete AS/NZS 4801 WHS Management System along with a...

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