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WHSMS Sole Trader Upgrade - Contents

Part A - Introduction

1. Workplace Consultation

a) Workplace Consultation Policy

2. Management Responsibilities and Structure
a) Roles and Responsibilities Register
b) Organisation Chart 

Part B - Training and Supervision

1. Training and Competency

a) Training and Competency Policy

b) Skills and Competency Register

c) Training Plan

d) Training Register

2. WHS and Company Inductions

a) Policy Agreement

Part C - Risk Management

1. Site Safety

a) Key Roles and Responsibility Register
b) Site Safety Rules
c) Waste Management Plan Template
d) Site Safety Forms Checklist

2. Fire and Emergency Procedures
a) Emergency Procedures Flip Chart
b) Fire and Emergency Evacuation Drill Register
c) Fire Safety Training Register
d) Fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance Register

3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
a) PPE Register - Worker

4. Company Plant, Equipment, Tools and Vehicles
a) Tools and Equipment Register - Worker
b) Tools and Equipment Repair Register
c) Vehicle Inspection Checklist
d) Vehicle Maintenance Register

5. Stress and Fatigue
a) Stress and Fatigue Policy
b) Stress Checklist
c) Fatigue Hazards Checklist

6. Psychosocial
a) Psychosocial Hazard Checklist

7. Shift Work
a) Shift Work Policy

8. Alcohol and Drugs
a) Drug and Alcohol Policy
b) Smoke-Free Workplace Policy
c) Drug and Alcohol Procedures
d) Alcohol – Responsible Service Checklist

9. Internet, Email and Mobile Phones
a) Internet and Email Policy
b) Mobile Phone Policy

Part D - Incident and Injury Management

1. Incident and Injury Reporting

a) Traffic Incident Report Form

2. Incident and Injury Review
a) Lost Time Injury (LTI) Register

b) Medical Treatment Injury (MTI) Register

3. Workplace Violence and Bullying
a) Workplace Violence & Bullying Policy
b) Workplace Violence and Bullying Procedures

4. Disciplinary Procedures and Counselling
a) Disciplinary Procedures and Counselling

Part E - Record, Review and Improve 

1. WHS Meetings and Toolbox Talks

a) Toolbox or Pre-Start Talks - Topic Guidelines
b) Toolbox or Pre-Start Talks - Topics Register

2. WHS Audits

a) WHS Legislative Requirements Register

3. WHS Performance

a) WHS Performance Guidelines
b) WHS Performance Register

4. WHS Document Control and Review

a) WHS Forms Register
b) Documents Issued to Workers Register