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What is the Best Safe Working Method Statement Solution?

What is the Best Safe Working Method Statement Solution?

When it comes to purchasing Safe Working Method Statements, or selecting a SWMS template that works for you, there are significant factors to weigh. You can purchase industry bundles, tailor-made bundles, individual SWMS's, or customisable SWMS templates. But there are other considerations also. You'll need to know what to look for when seeking quality SWMS solutions. That's what we're going to look at together today.

A quick technical mention before we proceed. You may know they’re actually called Safe ‘Work’ Method Statements, but ‘Working’ is the term most used by workers, and the words are equally searched online. In this article, we’re going to use the ‘Working’ option.

Specifically, our investigative journey will include:

  1. The Features of a Quality Safe Working Method Statement
  2. Your SWMS Template Purchasing Options
  3. The Final Decision

The Features of a Quality Safe Working Method Statement

Your business is operating in a competitive marketplace; as a result, the question of ‘quality’ is important and complex. The usefulness of the product, its effectiveness and cost versus benefit all come into play.

What a Quality Safe Working Method Statement Does

A quality SWMS template is effective, efficient and affordable (that’s a lot of good ‘F’s’). That means that at a macro, global or administrative level, the safe working method statement is designed to:

  1. Help you keep people safe.
  2. Help you demonstrate due diligence.
  3. Help you meet your duty-of-care obligations.
  4. Help you align reporting processes with policy and procedural goals.
  5. Help you have confidence in knowing that all of the above is happening.

If your safe working method statement isn't doing that, it has failed either at a design level or an application level. The design part we take care of and have consistently done so for more than a decade. Then, with our help, you make the application stage happen.

When we speak of design, we encourage you to only use SWMS templates that:

  1. Facilitate accuracy by asking questions that draw out the specific information.
  2. Encourage thoroughness by using questions that cover all the necessary information.
  3. Enhance timely completion through intuitive and spacious design.
  4. Instil a sense of care and gravity (or seriousness) through formatting and word choice.

Our SWMS templates and solutions do these things!

How to Identify a Cost-Effective Safe Working Method Statement

When we are considering the economic factors in this purchase, we’re talking about:

  • Return on investment, 
  • Business suitability, 
  • Project suitability, and
  • Customer requirements.

We can also rephrase these as workable questions such as:

  1. Does the profit resulting from a purchase justify the expense?
  2. Does the product (or product mix) suit your business?
  3. Does it help you complete the specific requirements of your particular tasks?
  4. Will it satisfy or contribute to customer satisfaction? 

We will unpack these more effectively as we explore your purchasing options.

Your SWMS Template Purchasing Options

There are four main options when investing in SWMS resources:

Is That Really a Saving? 

It really bugs me when I see "SAVE $__" and people don't clarify what that means! When we say "Save (so many dollars)", we show you the amount you save by not buying the same SWMS resources individually. This is usually about a 40% saving! 

Option 1  |  SWMS's by Industry Bundle

The simplest, most thorough and (usually) most economical way to purchase is by the bundle.  The savings are significant

Our safe working method statement industry bundles include:

Option 2  |  An SWMS Tailor-Made Pack 

If an industry bundle feels like overkill, we encourage you to make a call. We're happy to chat about your specific situation and, in so doing, tailor a package for your particular needs. Once we've done that, we'll also apply a SWMS Pack discount based on the number of SWMS purchased. These discounts are consistent with SWMS Industry Bundles shown online (of similar numbers).

Call us on 1800 304 336 and tap into the expertise we offer. We have had hundreds of similar and related conversations, so we know what questions to ask and what solutions to provide.  

A tailor-made package is the right choice for operators and businesses that:

  • Work in a specific industry, but don’t engage in all the work that industry does
  • Work across sectors, but only in particular roles. 
  • Need to comply with specific documentation requirements of both authorities and customers.
  • Have a well trained and well-supervised workforce.

So, for example, a tailor-made solution works best for a business that:

  • Is exclusively electrical but doesn’t do scaffold work, PCB removal or fibre-optic installation as part of their work.
  • Operates across industries, such as working in audio-visual, electrical and construction settings.
  • Tenders for highly prescribed government or commercial projects.
  • Operates in an unusually high or low regulation environment.
  • Has workers requiring or not requiring specific SWMS support.
  • Employs significantly high or low levels of supervision.
  • Has high or low levels of documentation compliance.

As a guide, if you've got a Safety Officer, you're likely to need a higher level of documentation. Similarly, the higher the value of your projects, the more likely you are to encounter extensive safe working method statement compliance. In such a case, the simplicity of a bundle purchase (Option 1) might be best. If not, a tailor-made bundle might be the go!

Both the responsibility and decision are yours, but please call 1800 304 336 if you’d like assistance.

Option 3  |  Purchase Individual SWMS's

If you’d prefer to make individual purchases, that option is also available. 

More than 190 Safe Working Method Statements are available through our website, and this number continues to grow. You can access them via 11 pages of SWMS templates or as industry collections by using the yellow industry labels at the left of the SWMS pages

All except one are priced at either $45 or $72.50 (+ GST).

Option 4  |  Invest in a Fully Customisable SWMS Template

You can also make your own - with our help - by using the customisable safe working method statement template. It is both the most flexible and most technically demanding option, but if that works for you - and you have the necessary knowledge and skills to do it - this option exists.

Our fully customisable SWMS template is seven pages in length and is wholly and conveniently structured as a compliant SWMS template. You can add whatever work steps, hazards, and safety controls apply to you.

The Final Decision

As already mentioned, these links will take you to:

You can use these to make a wise, economical and safe purchase. Also, though we’ve offered these tips many times, they’re still helpful:

  1. Select a resource (using the links).
  2. Read the description. It will tell you if the SWMS is part of a package, its relationships to other documents, and also enable you to access these (via links). 
  3. If in doubt, give us a call on 1800 304 336. 

We encourage the phone call because we DON'T pressure sell. Instead, we seek to understand and advise. Our reputation has been hard-earned through more than a decade of consistent service. We protect both that reputation and you by serving with professionalism, fairness and integrity.

Hopefully, this article has informed and empowered your choices. Whether you follow a product link, Request a Callback or phone us immediately on 1800 304 336, we look forward to serving you. Do any of those options work for you?
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