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What’s Best? SWMS Templates or an Industry Specific WHS Management System

What’s Best? SWMS Templates or an Industry Specific WHS Management System

What’s the best way to secure the resources you need? You want bang for your buck, effectiveness, a level of client care that goes the extra mile, and a flexibility that accommodates the uniqueness of your situation. In this article we’ll help you weigh your SWMS and WHS Management System options. We’ll consider features, prices, combination offers and other benefits. We’ll also consider a plumbing industry case study. Our goal is to help you decide the solutions that are best for you.

First, we’ll identify why the options exist. Then, we’ll consider 5 possible purchase options:

  1. Create your own collection of SWMS Templates.
  2. Create your own resource set of  WHS Management System documents.
  3. Purchase an industry specific SWMS Template Pack
  4. Complement your SWMS Collection with a WHS Management System
  5. Invest in a Comprehensive Industry Specific WHS Management System

Please note: This is a ‘Zero-BS Zone’. We don’t hide resources or use special items to manipulate a larger purchase. This is further evidence of our commitment to look after everyone in the fairest and most effective way possible.

Everything you find in a pack is also available for individual purchase. If you want to chart your own course, you can!

Why Are There So Many SWMS and WHS Management System Options?

There’s a method to our madness. Here at Occupational Safety Solutions we support a variety of businesses, and each operates in often vastly different circumstances. They vary in:

  1. Industry and work nature,
  2. Tendering and project specific needs,
  3. Legislation and compliance needs,
  4. Business size,
  5. Personnel mix,
  6. Timeline pressures,
  7. Financial capacity and
  8. Tactical preference.

This is why our system has so many options. No customer is the same, so the OSS system looks after everybody, whilst fairly and effectively accommodating the enormous variety of needs and expectations that exist.

Option 1: Create Your Own Collection of SWMS Templates

This method can be a little overwhelming, but it is also offers the most choice. If your needs are limited, it may also prove to be the most cost effective method.

You wil find the website has more than 200 SWMS templates. It’s very likely that every work process you fulfill is supported. If it isn’t, please tell us.

All our SWMS procedures include standard work steps, hazards and safety controls, and are created in a consultative and quality assured process. Our industry experts are in the field and hands on in every respect.

You can shop through the SWMS options, one by one, if you choose. You can also view a sample here.

Case Study: Building a Custom Plumbing SWMS Template Library

As already stated, Occupational Safety Solutions provides more than 200 SWMS templates. Our industry experts have identified 52 of these as pertinent to the plumbing industry, and these have been combined to create the Plumbing SWMS Templates Pack.

You can purchase the full pack or individual items. Prices range from the basic SWMS Template at $27, through to more complex and specialised versions at $73 each.

Were the 52 plumbing SWMS templates to be purchased separately, the cost would be $3,410. If you purchase the combined pack however, your investment is just $1,290. This brings the price of each plumbing SWMS template to under $25 each (as an average)

That’s a saving of $2,120 or a very remarkable 62% discount.

Those savings acknowledged, if you’re still certain you’ll need less than 17 of the SWMS templates (at $73 each) you’ll end up better off by purchasing individually.

Take a look down the list and check what you need. We’d suggest the mathematics is clear: if buying more than 17 Safe Working Method Statements, investing in a full industry pack is the way to go.  

The 52 SWMS inclusions in the Plumbing Safe Working Method Statement Pack are:

  1. Angle Grinder
  2. Arc Welder
  3. Asbestos - Working Around
  4. Backhoe
  5. Butt Fusion Welding
  6. Chain Trencher
  7. Circular Saw – Portable
  8. Compressed Air
  9. Concrete Saw – Quick Cut
  10. Confined Spaces
  11. Cordless Power Tools
  12. Drain Cleaning Machine - Cable
  13. Drain Cleaning Machine - Water Jet
  14. Drainage Installation
  15. Driving Vehicles
  16. Drop Saw
  17. Earth Moving Equipment
  18. Electric Drill
  19. Electricity and Power Tool Safety
  20. Elevated Work Platforms
  21. Excavation or Trenching
  22. Excavator
  23. Explosive Power Tools
  24. Fascias, Eaves and Guttering
  25. Fuel Powered Tool Safety
  26. Gas Installation
  27. Hand Tools
  28. Hazardous Substances and Chemical Use
  29. Hot Water System Installation
  30. Hot Works
  31. Ladders
  32. Loading and Unloading Vehicles
  33. Manual Handling
  34. Mini Digger
  35. Oxy Acetylene
  36. Pipe Maintenance
  37. Pipe Valve Installation
  38. Plate Compactor
  39. Plumb Guard
  40. Plumbing Installation
  41. Plumbing Maintenance
  42. Sewer Mains – Laying and Replacing
  43. Site Establishment
  44. Skid Steer Loader
  45. Soldering Iron
  46. Stormwater Drainage Installation
  47. Suspended Waste Pipe Installation
  48. Wet and Dry Vacuum
  49. Work in Ceiling Space
  50. Work in Risers
  51. Working at Height
  52. Worksite Hazards

Remember, our goal is to empower you to make the best financial and tactical decision.  If you need more than 17 SWMS templates, you’re better served by purchasing the whole Plumbing SWMS Template pack; UNLESS you need a WHS Management System also. Read on for that discussion.

Option 2: Create Your Own Set of WHS Management System Documents

You can supplement your SWMS resources with more than 103 WHS Management System documents. The WHS Management Systems reflect the consistency in laws, regulations, standards and codes that exist across industries. As a result, these policies, procedures, checklists, registers, forms and training records are also consistent across industries (except for the Electrical Industry).

There is a reason for the consistency.

  1. Safe Working Method Statements protect specific work processes.
  2. WHS Management Systems addresses the higher level environmental and global aspects.  

This commonality across industries means that “Yes”, you can purchase individual WHS items. But why would you? Let’s take another look at the Plumbing industry case study to answer that question.

Case Study: Building Your Own WHS Management System

In the WHS Documents section of our website, you can purchase 103 policies, procedures, checklists, registers, forms and training records. You can also access some combination cost-saving pack options, as well as a Safety Training Database.

Prices range from $13.50 to $199. If individually purchased, they require a $2,842 investment.

Alternatively, you can purchase:  

  1. A WHS System Starter Pack at $199,
  2. A Sole Trader WHS Management System for $690, or
  3. The complete WHS Management System for $990.

So, option 3 represents a $1,852 saving on the $2,842 piece-by-piece purchasing method.

The math is simple: unless you’re purchasing documents to supplement items you’re missing, it probably isn’t the best way to go.

Please note, the WHS System Starter Pack (at $199) is exactly what we have named it. It is not comprehensive and is designed to enable the cash-stretched new-comer to make a start. It is a recommended solution for very few. The Sole Trader WHS Management System  (at $690) is also not an equivalent to the full system. Follow the links on both to make a more specific comparison.

Option 3: Purchase an Industry Specific SWMS Template Pack

Our SWMS Industry Packs are assembled by industry experts, so rather than wade through more than 200 SWMS templates, you can let our industry experts do that for you.

In our plumbing case study example, the 52 SWMS templates can be purchased in a Plumbing SWMS Templates Pack. We’ve already identified very measurable benefits of:

  1. An investment of just $1,290 (not $3,410).
  2. A dollar saving of $2,120.
  3. A percentage discount of 62%.
  4. An average SWMS template fee of less than $25 each.

That’s a saving of $2,120 or a very remarkable 62% discount.

The benefits are clear. What we haven’t spoken of is the range of industries catered for. The industries include:

Option 4: Add a Standard WHS Management System to your SWMS Templates

You may have chosen to go with Option 1 and purchase a small number of select SWMS templates. For some smaller clients this is the smart way to go. These clients can supplement their SWMS resources with a standard WHS Management System.

Again, permit us to clarify: our WHS Management Systems are consistent in design and inclusions across all industries. When we say “standard” here, we’re not saying it is any different from that found in Industry Packs (except for the Electrical Industry).

What is different with an Industry Specific WHS Management System, is that it has that industry’s SWMS pack included. In other words, it includes both:

  1. A standard WHS Management System,
  2. PLUS, an industry specific SWMS pack.

Wth that difference understood, we can present the standard WHS Management System, to you from a place of integrity. It’s a worthwhile option if you already have your SWMS needs fully covered.

The WHS Management System will require a $990 investment.

Before you commit to that however, you might want to weigh option 5 in your calculations.

Option 5: Invest in a Comprehensive Industry Specific WHS Management System

Hopeful we’ve shown that purchasing combination packs, rather than individual items, is usually the best way to go. The cost-savings are compelling for most of our clients. What is also hard to ignore is the quality of the exhaustive resource you build.

Our ultimate combination pack offering is the comprehensive industry specific WHS Management System.

Let’s consider this by using the plumbing industry scenario once again:

  • To separately purchase 52 plumbing industries SWMS costs $3,410 .
  • To purchase a standard WHS Management System costs $990
  • Combined, that’s a $4,400 investment.

There’s a lot of efficiency and effectiveness purchased here, but we can do better.

That cost can be reduced by purchasing the Plumbing SWMS Templates Pack for just $2,280.

That’s a saving of $2,120.

However, you can save another $190, and secure EXACTLY the same inclusions, by purchasing the Plumbing Industry Pack for $2,090.

In other words, in this instance, purchasing an Industry Pack delivers:

  • A SWMS purchase saving of $2,120.
  • A WHS Management System saving of $190
  • A total saving of $2,310.
  • Peace of mind in having industry specific documentation.
  • Guided template ease when meeting your compliance obligations.
  • An exhaustive SWMS library so you won’t get caught unprepared.
  • Access to our ongoing support.

The specific inclusions and price for any WHS Industry Pack may differ from the plumbing example above. We picked a median example in order to present realistic figures: the packs range in price from $1,590 to $2,490.  

The savings you enjoy may be slightly more or less, but the benefits will be the same.

Locate your industry from the following list and follow the link to learn more. Our systems cover the following industries.

What’s Best? SWMS Templates or an Industry Specific WHS Management System

We started with the goal of answering this question. It’s an issue of tactics, so hopefully you feel tactically empowered.

Run the math or look at the features, either way the outcomes are the same: unless you’re a newbie and a small player, the best buy is usually the Industry Specific WHS Management Packs.  There are compelling savings available and the quality is remarkable. A review of the inclusions really drives home the benefits of demonstrating due diligence while you meet your specific compliance needs. It’s a remarkable win!

Whatever your preference, you can purchase direct from our website and download your resources immediately. The choice is yours: Individual SWMS templates, Industry specific SWMS packs, the standard WHS Management System or the (usually) best buy option of an all-included Industry pack.

The peace of mind, financial benefits and efficiencies represented here are significant. The pain you might avoid is also worth factoring into your decision. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call 1800 304 336, or if you’d prefer a call-back, just let us know.
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