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Safetyminder Digi-Sale Promo

Sick of paperwork? We’ve found a Solution!

We’ve solved some challenges for you. Since even the best WHS systems can be hard to manage, we’ve found a provider to digitise and automate your WHS systems, to remove a truckload of your challenges!

Get on board and you’ll save significant time, stress and money. Seriously! With this exciting software, you can look forward to:

  1. An end to lost paperwork or filing nightmares.
  2. Convenience and efficiencies that were impossible before now.
  3. Mind-blowing cost savings and improved utilisation of staff time!
  4. The removal of excuses, with lazy workers having nowhere to hide.
  5. The reassuring assurance, checks and balances that only a digital system can provide.

We will continue to design the WHS performance and compliance systems - that’s our area of expertise - but now we’ve found some talented technicians to take it all online.  

Mark my words, this is the digital revolution of the WHS world. This is the future and your opportunity to get in now.

Integrating our acclaimed systems with this new technology took time. To celebrate the culmination of this lengthy process, both Occupational Safety Solutions (OSS) and Safetyminder Software are offering a massive 20% discount until COB Friday 30th August 2019

We’re calling it our Digi-Sale.

If you’ve dealt with us long enough, you might already want to learn more. If so, click here.

What Does Safetyminder Software Do?

Our WHS systems are great, but implementation and management can be tough. This is why we sought out the expertise provided by Safetyminder Software.

Their extremely affordable system takes your WHS system online. Once your documents are uploaded and your preferences are set, your staff and subbies will use the Safetyminder App to:

  • Access the documents you enable (policies, forms, SWMS’s etc).
  • Digitally complete processes and sign-offs, right there and on location.
  • View SWMS and worker signoff.
  • Digitally communicate compliance in real-time.
  • Receive push notifications and real-time updates on all items as required.

There are no losers in this system. No more lost papers, lost time, lost money or lost compliance. Click the button below to view a short YouTube video showing how your workers can use the mobile app:

What’s it Worth (in Savings and Expenses)?

First the savings! Depending on your response and circumstances, you’ll almost certainly save tens of thousands of dollars ($10,000 +) in labour and compliance costs across the year. You might even make six figure savings ($100,000 +) if you’re a large operation and you factor in the avoidance of insurance excesses, fines and stoppages for regulatory breaches, and delays and compensations caused by an incident or accident.

This software solution is a great avoidance tool that also will help you save lives!     

What’s it cost? Web app licences start as low as $33 per month and mobile licences start as low as $11 per month. And that’s before the Digi-Sale discount kicks in!

We are genuinely surprised by the cost effectiveness. We think you will be pleasantly surprised too!

You can learn more, and secure your 20% saving here:

The Digi-Sale includes:

  1. 20% off the purchase of a Safetyminder system (some conditions apply).
  2. 20% off everything we’ve got at Occupational Safety Systems.

Also, you don’t need to buy from one to benefit from the other.

To enjoy your 20% discount, simply enter your OSSDigiSale discount code when purchasing or registering interest.

Remember, Your Safetyminder Software will:

  • Encourage (even force) your workers to take ownership of the WHS system.
  • Free up your core team members from WHS administration.
  • Make it easier (and paperless) for your workers.
  • Automate and digitise your WHS processes.
  • Dramatically reduce costs.  
  • Eliminate excuses.

Take the first step toward efficiencies and savings.

Whether you move in a digital direction, or simply take advantage of 20% savings across our entire website, you’re encouraged to act now.

Don't run the risk of missing out. The Digi-Sale ends at COB on Friday 28th June 2019.

Remember to enter Distributor Code OSSDigiSale when registering interest at Safetyminder to be eligible for this special offer.

We’ve done our homework and these Safetyminder guys are the real deal. Though you’re buying their product from them, if you have a question, we’ll take it: you’re our customer too!