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Fix Lazy Worker and Paper Problems: Go Digital!

Fix Lazy Worker and Paper Problems: Go Digital!

Are you sick of the admin' blues? Are lost paperwork, audit angst and WHS laziness some of your organisational nightmares? Go digital! Go mobile! Safetyminder software has the potential to streamline and fix these dramas. Invest a few minutes here and you might be amazed at the gains you can make.

Why Take Your SWMS’s and WHS Systems Digital?

Most Site Managers expend enormous energy trying to make staff comply with WHS procedures - and not always successfully. Similarly, Site Administrators are stretched by complications, lost paperwork and unfulfilled obligations. Ultimately, the failings of workers on-site can cause lives to be risked, fine liabilities to be introduced and business owners to be thrown under the bus.

Even great systems need to be implemented, and going digital makes this easier. To be sure, the ‘human error’ factor is not removed, but it does introduce automation, checks, balances and organisational benefits that are easy to implement.

We’ve been promoting Safetyminder software for a while now, but I delayed writing until I saw how well it served everyone. The results so far? It’s been great, the feedback has been positive! It works!!

Why Would We Point You to Someone Else?

At Occupational Safety Solutions, we’re really good with WHS and compliance issues. We’re not so hot on software though, so we found someone that is. It’s that simple. We are quality focused and we know when to ask for help.

Safetyminder’s three company directors bring a combined 70 years of experience in systems development, software design and management. This is a quality product developed and supported by quality technician specialists.

Working with the combined forces of Safetyminder Software and Occupational Safety Solutions, you can take your WHS efficiency and effectiveness to whole new levels.

Relieving Your WHS Burden of Proof

What happens when your workers fail to follow your WHS Management System? Usually, if an incident or accident occurs, you’re left with fines, inspections, increased insurances and an overwhelming burden of proof.

Sometimes these failings are an act of defiance or laziness. At other times, they are simply human error; even the well intended and diligent make mistakes. Either way, whether deliberate or unintended, when WHS mistakes happen, the consequences can be enormous.

Looking past the potential human cost, we must also wrestle with the reality that management ultimately bears responsibility. The exercise of due diligence and legislative compliance must be proven. That challenge in itself can be a nightmare - even when systems have been followed on-site.

Systems help, records of corrections and training do also, but there is still a burden of proof  and it lies with you, our customer. We remain aware and uncomfortable with that.

We’re feeling better though with the introduction of this software - and so will you!

Put Control Back in Your Hands

Digitising your WHS Management System offers significant benefits. Digitising makes WHS tasks, including SWMS completion, incredibly easier. Administration and record maintenance is also immeasurably improved and the challenge of lost paperwork and version control is all but eliminated.

After correct implementation and administration, this exciting new system will:

  • Provide an auditable record of worker compliance and non-compliance.
  • Save lives and injuries by reducing accidents and incidents.
  • Empower individual workers to identify and mitigate risk.
  • Radically increase compliance with WHS regulations.
  • Improve workplace culture regarding WHS.
  • Reduce financial and legal liabilities.
  • Minimise implementation costs.
  • Reduce management stress.

Make Your Workers Take Ownership of WHS

‘Tedious’ and ‘complicated’ are two words that sit comfortably around WHS legislation, regulation and compliance. ‘Bullshit’ is a third word voiced none too rarely. We understand! Customers of OSS have long appreciated that our systems reduce the pains and complications of the WHS burden. Both workers and management have been looked after, but not all the pain can be taken away.

The frustration is felt from the top of your organisation to the bottom. There are unavoidable frustrations felt where work health and safety systems are concerned.

As a business owner or member of management, you’ve likely been content to let the geek work be done by our industry specialists. Aware that a lot of pain has been removed, that may have helped you fulfill the obligations we cannot remove for you. Unfortunately, all your workers might not have such a healthy attitude.

For some off your workers, the sight of a SWMS or WHS Policy document torments and pushes their buttons. All they see is complications, interference, hassle and perhaps another authority source they are morally justified to question or defy.

Human nature can be a mongrel.

This is where Safetyminder really kicks in. It will:

  • Email, SMS and/or push notify your requirements (direct to the worker’s phone App).
  • Convey necessary information accurately and with a record that cannot be denied.
  • Enable workers to comply with procedures more easily,
  • Ensure paperwork is not lost (or in the way),
  • Tell your Site Manager (almost) immediately if something has been done - or not done!

Click on the link below to view how easy it is for your workers to navigate the Safetyminder mobile app:

Accurate information is useful when you can put your hands on it. Digitising makes that possible!

Systems That Work! At Last!

Policies and procedures only work when people follow the instructions provided. Any supervisor or business owner knows this. This is why both our Occupational Safety Solutions and Safetyminder have pursued individual worker empowerment. Systems work as effectively as they are complied with.

Everybody has to play their role.

The WHS templates we provide have this goal. So too does the App; and internal technologies of Safetyminder’s Software.

The Bottom Line

We’re in the business of finding occupational safety solutions - hence our name. Introducing a digital system was the next logical step.

Now that you’ve been introduced to a digital solution, you can implement our WHS systems and resources better than ever. This is a genuine solution that can resolve lazy worker issues, organisational nightmares and paperwork problems. Safetyminder software can radically change the effectiveness of your WHS systems and implementation. To learn more, follow this link. If you’d rather speak with us first, call 1800 304 336, email us or complete the form on site.
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