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Bring on the Questions - WHS Procedures is ALL We Do

Should you phone before purchasing? If you have experience with Safe Work Procedures or templated WHS procedures, you can probably go it alone. If not, it's best to make the call. With more than 8,000 orders and 6,000 clients, we’ve earned a 99.7% (evidence-backed) Customer Satisfaction Rate. That didn’t happen by accident. In this article we’ll discuss when calling first is the smart thing to do, and why you can trust in the answers you get.

In an age when many executives work hard to avoid direct client contact, I welcome it. I’m hands-on when it comes to clients, and I do not employ script-reading, off-shore pretenders! When you phone 1800 304 336, if I’m available, I handle customer inquiries personally. When I’m not, I will call you back ASAP.

WHS Procedures, Experience and Individualisation

WHS ProceduresAfter fielding in excess of 2,000 WHS procedure-related phone calls, I’ve created hundreds of individualised solutions, saved clients thousands of dollars, learned what questions to ask and developed a knack for seeing that which only experience can make obvious. You could even say (with a dad-joke warning issued) that solving problems by phone is now my 'calling'.

In this article, we’ll quickly consider eight reasons why that call is worth making. These include:

  • There’s no room for error when it comes to WHS procedures
  • Safe work procedures save lives, money and companies
  • Safe work procedure resources vary enormously
  • WHS resources can be cheaper by the bundle
  • Tenders, terms and terminology can confuse
  • Some conversations should not be delegated
  • Collaboration is part of WHS due diligence
  • Safe work procedures are ALL I do.

If you already know that you want or need to phone, dial 1800 304 336.

One | There’s No Room for Error When it Comes to WHS Procedures

There are areas of business that will tolerate a little stretch. In these areas, the market, your customers and compliance authorities will allow some casualness; they may even forgive your errors. Work health and safety is NOT one of those areas!

Investing in specialist assistance is usually wise.

Two | Safe Work Procedures Save Lives, Money and Companies

Safety is serious! The saving of lives is a distinct and essential goal. What is easy to miss, however, is that safe work procedures are not just an expense, but an investment! Quality procedures influence your enterprise reputation, induce professionalism, improve tender viability, lower insurance premiums, improve industrial relations, and more. Workplace safety does more than save lives!

When implemented effectively and efficiently, most WHS procedures and resources are an investment in standards, efficiencies and the building of a culture of excellence. Yes, some WHS requirements seem to indulge in dizzying complexity and absurdity, but these are exceptions rather than the rule. If approached wisely, benefits flow across operational centres and also flow through to the bottom line.

Are WHS procedures an expense? Yes. Are they an expense that becomes an investment. Absolutely: when you implement the best processes in the best way. 

Three | Safe Work Procedure Resources Vary Enormously

When you look through our resources, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It’s also normal to need help.

In addition to the always-changing specials, you’ll also find a host of options at, including:

A quick call can save you both time and money. An example might be helpful. A few years back, an asbestos removal contractor purchased the wrong type of Asbestos Hazards Register. This mistake cost him significantly when he discovered his error on site. If he'd called, I would have identified the problem before it cost him dearly.

Four | WHS Resources Can Be Cheaper by the Bundle?

We've assembled a variety of bundled packs, each designed with different types of industries and businesses in mind. If these pre-prepared packs don’t suit, we can also tailor a discount pack of the SWMS that best suit your business.

Purchasing safe work procedures in packs will typically save you a lot of money (about 30% as an average). Please be aware, however, that it can also give you a false sense of security.

Our pre-prepared online packs aren't always the best solution, so if you're not sure or would like a tailored solution, call 1800 304 336 or complete a Call Request form and I'll call you back.

Five | Tenders, Terms and Terminology can Confuse

After working with hundreds of clients as they wrestle with tender language and terms, I rarely hear something new. While I don't consult on how to complete tender documents, I can help you identify appropriate WHS procedures.

Many times I've spoken with a client as they chased down a wrong product because the tender document was confusing in criteria or language. I suspect some even do this deliberately, to identify who really knows what they're doing. Confusion and misunderstanding abound, with a typical example being tender documents that confuse WHS Management Plans with WHS Management Systems.

Our conversation can save you time, money and stress, and may even gain you a competitive advantage in the tender processes.

Six | WHS Conversations Should Not Be Delegated

When it comes to conversations about work health and safety, executive staff should ideally be involved. Not only is the information exchange more meaningful, but there’s usually money saved and potential consequences avoided.

For example, a company director delegated the purchase of templates to a staff member. No matter how hard I tried, this employee insisted on purchasing a crazy number of WHS procedures or related products. Soon afterwards, he skipped town, taking the company’s Safe Work Procedure Library with him. When his distraught and embarrassed boss phoned, I helped as best I could, but I sure wish I’d been speaking with him in the first place.

Talk is not always cheap.

Seven | Collaboration is Part of WHS Due Diligence

When it comes to WHS procedures, collaboration and communication are not only essential but required by legislation.

This does not mean you need to call, but if you do have an incident or accident onsite, your professionalism and due diligence may be questioned under a penetrating and searing spotlight. Your phone call may be the difference that proves your due diligence.

Eight | Safe Work Procedures are ALL I Do

When it comes to safety and WHS procedures across the nation, I’m your man!

  • I’m all over the legislation, regulations and safe operating procedures.
  • I’ve honed our product offerings to a place where excellence is the norm.
  • I’ve earned the trust of my clients, over and over.
  • I’m here to stay.

This is what I do. This is all I do. I’ve got your back!

Making That Call

So, what's the message? Your call is welcome and your call is wise.

There’s no room for error when it comes to WHS. I welcome your call. Let’s get it right - together! Let’s save lives and money, get the best solutions in place, clarify confusing terms and set you up for safety and success.

As already mentioned, when you call 1800 304 336, you’ll speak with a local, not an off-shore pretender. More often than not, you’ll also speak directly with me, because whenever I can, I take customer calls.

Customer satisfaction is my number one business priority. Admittedly, with more than 6,000 customers, I can't remember everyone on opening mention; but I do keep comprehensive notes. My coveted (and measurable) 99.7% Customer Satisfaction Rate speaks loudly.

safe work proceduresYou can believe me when I say I welcome your call! WHS procedures are ALL I do!

Whatever your situation, bring your naivety or your knowledge. I'll ask relevant questions, explain what I can, explain options, provide guidance that empowers, and I'll stay with you for the journey. The number is 1800 304 336 or you can Request a Callback here. You really should make that call!

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