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Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), also known as Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms help prevent injuries and illness occurring by outlining a safe method of work for each step in a specific job. A SWMS also provides an induction document and assists in meeting your OHS or WHS legal responsibilities.

Construction based businesses performing work activities on Government contracts or for a large Principal Contractor will generally be required to provide extra layers of compliance on each SWMS. This may mean any existing SWMS you provide will be assessed as non-compliant by Government or Principal Contractor Safety Officers. Safety Officers use comprehensive checklists to assess your OHS or WHS systems, in particular each SWMS you provide for their review. Therefore it is important to establish a SWMS template which addresses all levels of compliance.

A fully compliant SWMS should provide the following information:

  1. Client and Project details;
  2. Company Responsibilities;
  3. Description of Work – briefly describes the work to be carried out;
  4. Risk Assessment Process;
  5. Work Process – including possible hazards, risk rating and safety controls;
  6. Resources, Qualifications and Permits required;
  7. Safety Responsibilities;
  8. Training Responsibilities;
  9. Incident Management Responsibilities;
  10. Plant and Equipment used and Maintenance required;
  11. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required;
  12. Access Restrictions on site;
  13. Legislation, Regulations, Codes and Standards; and
  14. Worker Signoff.

All Occupational Safety Solutions SWMS are provided on our specially developed SWMS template which addresses all the above items to ensure you comply with the extra layers of compliance required on Government or Principal Contractor projects. If you require less detail then you can simply delete the relevant sections as all Occupational Safety Solutions SWMS’s are easily customisable to suit your business as well as your clients and projects.

Discounted Industry Specific Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Packs are available for Construction (Builders), Carpentry, Landscaping, Garden Maintenance and Bricklaying with Electricians and Plumbers Packs coming soon.

Click here to view an example of Occupational Safety Solutions SWMS’s

Click here to view the full range of Occupational Safety Solutions SWMS’s

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