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WHSMS Construction - Contents

Part A - Introduction

1. Company Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy
a) Company WHS Policy

2. Workplace Consultation
a) Workplace Consultation Policy

3. Management Responsibilities and Structure
a) Roles and Responsibilities Register
b) Organisation Chart 

Part B - Training and Supervision

1. Training and Competency

a) Training and Competency Policy

b) Skills and Competency Register

c) Training Plan

d) Training Register 

2. WHS and Company Inductions
a) Worker Information and Induction Checklist
b) Site Safety Induction Register
c) Policy Agreement
d) Medical Register – Worker
e) Subcontractor or Visitor Attendance Register 

Part C - Risk Management

1. Hazard Reporting and Risk Management

a) Hazard Reporting and Risk Management Process

b) Risk Management Procedure

c) Hazard Identification Checklist

d) Hazard Report Form

e) Risk Assessment Worksheet

f) Risk Treatment Plan

g) Risk Action Plan

2. COVID-19 Risk Management

a) COVID-19 Policy

3. Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
a) SWMS Template
b) SWMS Register

4. Site Safety
a) Site Safety Management Plan (minor works)
b) Key Roles and Responsibility Register
c) Emergency Information and Contact Numbers
d) Site Safety Rules
e) Site Safety Checklist
f) Office / Warehouse Inspection Checklist
g) Electrical Tagging Register

h) RCD Testing Register
i) Waste Management Plan Template
j) Site Safety Forms Checklist

5. Subcontractor Management
a) Subcontractor Management Policy
b) Subcontractor Safety Checklist

c) Subcontractor Register

6. Fire and Emergency Procedures
a) Emergency Procedures
b) Emergency Procedures Flip Chart
c) Fire and Emergency Response Plan
d) Fire and Emergency Evacuation Drill Register
e) Fire Safety Training Register
f) Fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance Register

7. Hazardous Substances
a) Hazardous Substances Policy
b) Hazardous Substances Risk Checklist
c) Hazardous Substances Register
d) Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Register

8. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
a) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy
b) PPE Register - Company
c) PPE Register - Worker

9. Company Plant, Equipment, Tools and Vehicles
a) Plant and Equipment Policy
b) Plant and Equipment Hazard Checklist
c) Plant and Equipment Register
d) Plant and Equipment Maintenance Register
e) Tools and Equipment Register - Worker
f) Tools and Equipment Repair Register
g) Vehicle Inspection Checklist
h) Vehicle Maintenance Register

10. Manual Handling
a) Manual Handling Policy
b) Manual Handling Hazard Checklist

11. Purchasing
a) Purchasing Policy
b) Purchasing Procedure and Checklist
c) Purchasing Register

12. Environmental
a) Site Environmental Policy
b) Site Environmental Checklist

13. Noise
a) Noise Policy
b) Noise Control Procedure and Checklist

14. Remote or Isolated Work
a) Remote or Isolated Work Procedure

15. Stress and Fatigue
a) Stress and Fatigue Policy
b) Stress Checklist
c) Fatigue Hazards Checklist

16. Psychosocial
a) Psychosocial Hazard Checklist

17. Shift Work
a) Shift Work Policy

18. Alcohol and Drugs
a) Drug and Alcohol Policy
b) Smoke-Free Workplace Policy
c) Drug and Alcohol Procedures
d) Alcohol – Responsible Service Checklist

19. Internet, Email and Mobile Phones
a) Internet and Email Policy
b) Mobile Phone Policy

Part D - Incident and Injury Management

1. Incident and Injury Management Procedures

a) Incident and Injury Management Policy

b) Incident and Injury Management Procedures
c) Return to Work Program

2. Incident and Injury Reporting
a) Incident and Injury Report Form
b) Incident and Injury Register
c) Traffic Incident Report Form

3. Incident and Injury Review
a) Incident and Injury Investigation Form
b) Lost Time Injury (LTI) Register

c) Medical Treatment Injury (MTI) Register

4. First Aid
a) First Aid Policy
b) First Aid Requirements and Plan

5. Workplace Violence and Bullying
a) Workplace Violence & Bullying Policy
b) Workplace Violence and Bullying Procedures

6. Disciplinary Procedures and Counselling
a) Disciplinary Procedures and Counselling

Part E - Record, Review and Improve

1. WHS Meetings and Toolbox Talks

a) WHS Meeting Procedures

b) WHS Meeting Minutes Form
c) Toolbox or Pre-Start Talks - Topic Guidelines
d) Toolbox or Pre-Start Talks - Topics Register

e) Toolbox or Pre-Start Talks Form

2. Complaints and Corrective Action
a) Complaint Form
b) Non Conformance Report Form
c) Corrective Action Register

3. WHS Audits
a) WHS Audit Checklist
b) WHS Audit Register
c) WHS Legislative Requirements Register

4. WHS Performance
a) WHS Performance Guidelines
b) WHS Performance Register

5. WHS Document Control and Review
a) WHS Forms Register
b) Documents Issued to Workers Register
c) Document Review Register


Part F - Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Work Process SWMS

  1. Air Conditioning Installation - Ducted
  2. Air Conditioning Installation - Split System
  3. Asbestos - Working Around
  4. Asbestos Removal
  5. Boom Lift
  6. Brick Cleaning
  7. Bricklaying
  8. Ceiling Grid Installation
  9. Cement Rendering
  10. Concrete Core Drilling
  11. Concrete Pumping
  12. Concreting
  13. Cordless Power Tools
  14. COVID-19 (Working around others during COVID-19)
  15. Crane - Truck Mounted (Hiab)
  16. Deck and Pergola – Timber
  17. Demolition
  18. Door Installation
  19. Drainage Installation
  20. Driving Vehicles
  21. Dump Truck
  22. Earth Moving Equipment
  23. Electricity and Power Tool Safety
  24. Elevated Work Platforms
  25. Excavation or Trenching
  26. Excavator
  27. External Wall Cladding
  28. Fascias, Eaves and Guttering
  29. Fencing - Steel
  30. Fencing - Timber
  31. Fire Door Installation
  32. Floor Coverings
  33. Framework – Timber / Steel
  34. Gas Installation
  35. Glazing – Windows, Glass Doors and Flyscreens
  36. Hazardous Substances and Chemical Use
  37. Hot Water System Installation
  38. Hot Works
  39. Insulation Installation
  40. Joinery / Cabinet Making
  41. Labourer - General
  42. Loading and Unloading Vehicles
  43. Manual Handling
  44. Mini Digger
  45. Painting
  46. Paving
  47. Pest Management - Termite - Pre-Construction
  48. Plasterboard Works – Wall and Ceiling
  49. Plumbing Installation
  50. Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) Dust Control
  51. Retaining Wall Construction
  52. Roof – Metal Sheeting
  53. Roof – Tiling
  54. Scaffold – Fixed
  55. Scaffold – Mobile
  56. Site Establishment
  57. Skid Steer Loader
  58. Skip Bins
  59. Skirtings and Architraves
  60. Skylight Installation
  61. Solar Panel Installation - Roof
  62. Stair Construction
  63. Steel Awning, Carport or Pergola
  64. Steel Stud and Track Installation
  65. Tiling – Wall and Floor
  66. Traffic Management
  67. Wardrobe Installation
  68. Wet Area Waterproofing
  69. Work in Ceiling Space
  70. Working at Height
  71. Worksite Hazards

Tools SWMS

  1. Angle Grinder
  2. Arc Welder
  3. Auger / Post Hole Digger
  4. Band Saw
  5. Brick Saw
  6. Chainsaw
  7. Chain Trencher
  8. Circular Saw – Portable
  9. Compressed Air
  10. Concrete Grinder
  11. Concrete Mixer – Portable
  12. Concrete Saw – Quick Cut
  13. Concrete Sealer Sprayer
  14. Disc Sander
  15. Drill Press
  16. Drop Saw
  17. Electric Drill
  18. Electric Plane
  19. Explosive Power Tools
  20. Fuel Powered Tool Safety
  21. Hand Tools
  22. High Pressure Water Cleaner
  23. Jack Hammer
  24. Ladders
  25. Nail Gun
  26. Panel Saw
  27. Plate Compactor
  28. Radial Arm Saw
  29. Slide Compound Saw
  30. Wet and Dry Vacuum